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Live Shopping

Use storytelling, shoppable videos and real-time engagement to accelerate conversion and sales.

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Sell with Us

Share the fun memories that you associate with your clothing live to a global audence.
No fees, free to list and free to sell.


Eco-friendly, Preloved, & Vintage clothing, Live.


Tutorials, tips and hacks of sustainable living on video.


Book alteration services to repair or upcycle with local seamstresses.

Live shopping with clear conscience.


higher average order value

Live chat builds a good level of trust which eventually translates to increased sales and average order value.


sales conversion rate increase

live shopping can increase conversion rates to over 16% during a live shopping event, that's more than a 10x increase from the average conversion rate.


user engagement during a livestream

Storytelling presents powerful ways of communicating your brand and engaging with your audience in the moment.


drive sales from live sessions

interactive shopping experiences with conversion rates 10X better than traditional e-commerce sites.

Live Social Commerce

Add a human touch to your sustainable fashion retail and e-commerce strategies and convert 3X more customers.

Thrift Shopping

Retros, Vintage and Secondhand shops in one place. Find quality gems that you’ll surely wear the heck out of!

Alteration Services

Give your old clothes a new lease of life, by booking alteration services in a few clicks and we'll pick up and deliver once done.

What our sellers are saying

Fatima Salame
Sustainability Expert

"This is just the platform that balances the need for shopping sustainably - secondhand sale and alterations. It is a wonderful platform to explore the intersection of fashion, repair, resale and sustainability."

James Toriff
Wholesale Merchant

”As a secondhand wholesale merchant, Fillip allows me to list my products, showcase them live to my customers and go live for virtual tours and as we receive new drops".

Adam Drinkwater

”As creator in the sustainable fashion space, I appreciate that Fillip empowers me to create shoppable content, promote and sell sustainable fashion products that I truly believe in."

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