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Enhance your authenticity and credibility while promoting a shared commitment to sustainability. Co-create content that can inspire positive change in the industry.

Inspire positive change with your content.

You have the power to inspire and educate millions of viewers on the importance of sustainable fashion practices. You also have the opportunity to collaborate with sustainable fashion designers and brands who share your values and beliefs.

By partnering with these brands, you can earn income while promoting sustainable fashion products that align with your principles.

Join our community to connect with like-minded individuals and brands, inspire sustainable fashion practices, and create meaningful change through engaging video content.

Let's work together to make a difference and drive the sustainable fashion movement forward.

Amplify your message

Your content increases your visibility and engagement, enables you to reach a wider audience of individuals who are already interested in sustainable fashion.

Become a thought leader

Co-creating with brands and other experts leads to increased credibility and influence, making you a go-to source for information and insights in the sustainability space.

Earn Income

Collaborate with eco-friendly brands and designers, and earn commission for every purchase made through your unique link.



Reasons to Join Fillip

We make it our responsibility to ensure you align with brands with similar core values - on protecting the environment, people and animals.
It is equally our mission to ensure the influencer management process from discovery to payout is seamless.

Influencing with conscience

Promote products and brands you trust are making the world a better place for this and next generations.

Be discovered by   sustainable fashion brands
Make ethical fashion mainstream

Mainstreaming sustainable fashion minimises environmental impact and promotes ethical practices in the fashion industry.

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Join ethical influencers today.