Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started on Fillip?

You will need to download the Fillip app to get started with Fillip, but you don't have to wait till it is launched. Register your interest now and be the first to know when we are live. Follow us on social media to get a glimpse of all our events, pop-ups and all our community engagements.

Can Resale retailers use the app?

Fillip will enable offline Resale retailers to livestream from their stores or from our London studios for high quality video broadcast to the sustainable fashion communities on the fillip app. Online luxury resale shops can chose to livestream their latest drops to their audience during their sale or auction events.

Can you share your shoppable videos on other platforms?

All content created on Fillip can be downloaded and shared on other platforms. However you will not be able to access the shoppable links on other platforms as you would on Fillip.

Can I list my product on fillip if I already have listed elsewhere?

Yes and we hope you do. Fillip is a new and powerful sales channel for you to grow your business that you can use alongside your current online storefronts.

What if I am not good on camera?

We have a growing number of live hosts who can go live on your behalf. All you need is send us your collection in our branded bags, where we can sort it, authenticate and list them. We will inform you when they will go live. Proceeds from sales will be credited to your account less the handling costs.